• I like this ems body slimming machine ru-800s,works great and easy to use,You can put the belt on the area that you would like to focus. That includes your abs, shoulders, thighs, waist and more. After using our ems body slimming machine ru-800s, your skin will become firmer and become more elasti
  • First time trying this kind of ems body slimming machine ru-800s, the noise level is acceptable, is not super loud or something like that. I usually do it after my bath, I have been doing it for 1 weeks now, I see some result out of it, my stomach did get little less fatty and I also try it with the leg too. I figure out this is something for a long term goals,( I guess better than going to the gym). Overall, very nice product for lazy people who want to shape their body!
  • I've been using this ems body slimming machine ru-800s belt for almost 4 days. usually like to use the auto function which is kind of strong. Massage function with different strength options. Suitable for different needs. I recommend this slimming belt to person, who don’t have time go Gym. I so so happy bought this item, amazing that help me a lot. I think that will help me lose my weight get me back niece.
  • I’ve recently bought this ems body slimming machine ru-800s and have been use twice every day.Everybody in my family love using it for massage and it’s comfortable.The last button have four different auto mode,The first mode being he strongest and only last 15 minuets.The third button have four different mode too, but I believe that the last mode is a bit to strong for me.The second button turn the balls and only turn it off or on.No speed options.The only drawback a bout this device is that you have to stay by a power outlet. Luckily I have a power outlet near my bed so it isn’t too difficult.But I still wish you could charger this so I can walk around instead of just laying in bed.
  • I love this ems body slimming machine ru-800s! I use a vibration plate to keep my lymphatic system moving and this belt is a great alternative to use while traveling. It is also very relaxing, and comes with 4 different oscillating vibration modes. It also seems to help with stomach muscles and digestion for the week that I’ve used it.
  • ems body slimming machine ru-800s Like I said. Stick with it. Fat below the navel is the most difficult to thin down! I use it for at least an hour or so every day! The naked eye sees the thin down! I've been using it for three weeks now, and I'm losing weight under my belly button! You will feel your stomach warm after using it! It'll work! Of course, you should insist on using it! !
  • It is good, I like it. I am planning to order the second machine for another salon.