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Acacia Acne Treatment Professional Acne Removal Beauty Equipment

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Acne Removal
  1.  Acacia Acne Treatment Professional Acne Removal Beauty Equipment
  2. Acacia Acne Treatment Professional Acne Removal Beauty EquipmentAcacia Acne Treatment Professional Acne Removal Beauty EquipmentAcacia Acne Treatment Professional Acne Removal Beauty EquipmentAcacia Acne Treatment Professional Acne Removal Beauty Equipment
  3. Treatment principle of ACA-Acne  
  4. Acne lives in the sebaceous gland and eats oil produced in the organ. In order to cure acne completely, destroying sebaceous gland where acne occurred is quite necessary. Using an insulated RF needle, Acacia can destroy the sebaceous gland without causing any burn on the skin.

  5.  New product ACA-Acne Treatment range
  6. - Acne (acne, pimples, suppuration, nodules, cysts)
  7. - sweat tube tumor
  8. -Shrink pores
  9. - remove blackheads
  10. With ACA-Acne, you can easily solve various skin problems.

  11.  Advantage 
  12. ACA-Acne uses a fine insulated RF system needle that does not cause burns to the epidermis and only transmits high-frequency energy to the sebaceous glands. It is a safe and effective treatment.

  13. Details of ACA Acne removal device
  14. Acacia Acne Treatment
  15. Results of Acne Removal Beauty Equipment
  16. Acacia Acne TreatmentAcacia Acne Treatment
  17.  Q&A 
  18. Q1: Which type of acne is suitable for ACA-Acne?
  19. ACA-Acne acne treatment can treat all acne, acne, pimples, suppuration, nodules can be treated. Especially for recurrent acne. It can also treat acne on the back and chest.

  20. Q2: What is the difference between traditional acne treatment?
  21. Traditional treatment (exfoliation, oral medication, LED light, 1450nm laser) is focused on
  22. Atrophic sebaceous glands to solve temporary problems. And ACACIA directly destroys the sebaceous glands of the roots of acne, so the treated parts will not grow acne.

  23. Q3: Will it hurt?
  24. According to each person's ability to withstand different. Worried that it hurts, you can apply it. ACA-Acne's pain is less than the pain when cleaning acne.

  25. Q4: Is the treatment finished once?
  26. According to the individual's situation, the average treatment is 3-5 times.

  27. Q5: Will it affect daily life after treatment?
  28. Does not affect. It is normal to have a little redness and burning after treatment. It will be relieved within two days.

  29. Q6: When did it start to work?
  30. According to your personal situation, you can see the effect within 1 week.

  31. Q7: Destroy the sebaceous glands, will the face be very dry?
  32. There are 70,000 to 80,000 pores on our face, which means there are 70,000 to 80,000 sebaceous glands. Selective treatment of acne with ACACA does not affect facial skin. Instead, it will improve oily skin, and the treated area will re-organize collagen to make the skin healthier and more elastic.

  33. Q8: What kind of people can't use ACA-Acne?
  34. Pregnant women, people with artificial heart pacemakers, metal built-in heads, can not be treated.
  35. Acacia Acne Treatment
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